My passion for photographing animals goes back to my childhood on our farm. I spent my whole life surrounded by various birds and animals such as Wol our pet Tawny owl who we had for 23 years and who used to travel to school with me on the back seat of the car, various rabbits that lived in the house and also in special runs that we  made for them between my fathers greenhouses. Numerous dogs, cats and fish and of course some pet calves and lambs.

My photography is devoted to capturing the natural character and personality of your pets in a stress free environment, going to the places that they like best and doing the things they enjoy most, they will feel safe and secure and the results will be a set of bespoke, professional images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

We will have a chat about your animals likes, dislikes, personality and what they like doing and each shoot will be tailored to capture the true character of your special friends.

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