Do you travel?

I am happy to travel anywhere but there may be a charge if I am more than 80 miles away and if necessary an overnight stay may be required.

Are you insured?

I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

If for any reason I am taken ill and are unable to be at the wedding there are a number of local photographers who I meet with regularly and one of them will be able to fill in for me.

Why should I hire a professional photographer instead of using one of my friends?

Your wedding will probably be the most memorable day of your life. Once you look back on it, all that you will have left is your wedding dress , your memories and your photographs. An experienced wedding photographer will anticipate special moments before they happen and will be prepared for every possible problem such as camera malfunction, batteries running out, wet weather etc.

How early should I book my wedding photographer?

You are best to book as early as possible to make sure you  get the photographer you want. Often wedding photographers will be booked 12-24 months in advance.

How long will you spend at my wedding?

It depends on what coverage you choose but normally I will be with you from the bridal preparations through until the first dance in the evening.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I usually carry three cameras , two with me and another in my bag  and a number of lenses.

Will our guests be able to view our pictures on the Internet?

Yes. the photographs will be put onto a password protected gallery and guests can order reprints directly from the site.

Do you do pre-wedding shoots?

Alot of photographers will offer a pre wedding shoot, telling you that it helps you get used to the camera. I believe this gives you no idea what it’s like being photographed by a photographer with a more relaxed and informal style on your wedding day, a photographer who doesn’t control you.

However if you’d like me to photograph you both,this can be arranged prior to the wedding at a cost of £75.

What would you say is your style of wedding photography?

My style is mainly documentary . I try to record the day with as little interference as possible but I understand the need for a small amount of formal photographs.

Are you happy to take some family groups as a part of your wedding photography?

Yes, I am happy to take group shots but I ask that your bestman , ushers or a family friend help me gather people together to save time. I do however like to keep these shots to a maximum of 8 if possible.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

I have been a wedding photographer since 2001.

Can you take photographs during the ceremony without flash?

In most instances you can but some vicars and priests will not allow any photographs during the ceremony.

How long before we get to see our wedding photographs?

The photographs will be ready for you when you return from honeymoon.

After the wedding, what happens next?

Your photographs will be ready to view when you return from honeymoon. If you have chosen to have an album you will then need to choose which photographs you wish to go in it.

Do we need to make eating arrangements for you?

Although it is not stipulated on my contract I would appreciate a hot meal when you have yours , of course I don’t wish to sit with your guests as I use this time to go over the images that I have already taken. I don’t take photographs during the meal itself.

What do you wear to weddings?

I wear a suit and tie unless I am requested to wear something different, so as to blend in with the wedding guests.

Do you allow guests and friends to take photographs while you are working?

I don’t have a problem with friends taking photographs but I do ask that they respect the fact that I have been hired to do a job and prefer minimal interference during the formal photographs.

Do you offer a shorter coverage for week-day weddings?

Yes, I offer a shorter coverage  for all Mon-Thurs weddings except Bank Holidays.

Do you have to have an album?

You can choose the C.D only coverage if you don’t want to have an album.